3 Amazing MOVIE SPECIAL EFFECTS You Won't Believe Aren't CGI

On 14 March 2013

3 Amazing MOVIE SPECIAL EFFECTS You Won't Believe Aren't CGI

We’re so used with CGI that even a normal sitcom seems like it’s computer generated. Sometimes we watch and say “I bet that’s CGI” and other times we hope it is. 

1. In “The Dark Night Rises” they actually dropped a plane.

We’re sorry to ruin your day but that’s as true as it gets. Christopher Nolan could have used computer effects, but instead he got a real C-130 and tossed a bunch of real people out the back of it.

Even when the time came to finally fake something, Nolan opted to show a little model plane losing its wings instead of resorting to CGI. They found an empty spot and dropped the better half of the plane from the sky. 

For the interior shots where they absolutely needed to show the actors Nolan simply put them in a moving fuselage set on the ground.

The stuntmen, on the other hand, were a little more expendable, so Nolan shot their scenes on an actual piece of fuselage hung by a freaking helicopter over Scotland.  

The scene was scheduled to be shooting in 9 days but, because Nolan is Chuck Norris, he did it in two days. Sanity?  Time?  Airplanes?  Please, it’s Nolan. 

2. James Bond does everything you want, any tricks but he won’t do CGI. Kind of like Jackie Chan. He is the master of parkour before it was cool. 

You have to remember two most dangerous scenes from Skyfall like the one where a full-size train smashes through a wall. Yes, that was real! 

This was accomplished by hanging the train from inverted rails and then proceeding to smash it through a wall.

CGI? "Ain't nobody got time fo’ that!" They did added Bond escaping from the train in post-production, Daniel Craig was actually on the set when this happened.

And that’s not all. There’s the scene where Bond and the other guy are fighting on top of a real train. They were “secured” having a wire tight to them as thin as your dental floss.

He wasn't replaced by a stunt double and he actually entered the train through that giant whole in the roof. 

3. Matrix reloaded is known for its special effects but, not every time. There’s a scene in the movie where one guy lands on top of a car so hard that it completely flips over and leaves a whole unholy mess in the middle of the freeway.

That‘s way more real than Paris Hilton’s dog. Other than the character, everything was shot including the implosion of the car.

This was achieved thanks to a ridiculous car rig that worked while the vehicle was driven. In other words, someone finally invented a system to make it look like an invisible hippopotamus is sitting on your car.

Watch the scenes in the clips below:

Dark Night Rises




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