5 Fictional Characters Based On Real People

On 18 April 2013

characters based on real people - Popeye




Movie characters are created so we can relate to them. Their life is amazing, funny, weird or sad but however we can definitely see a piece of ourselves in them.

Most of the characters are based on real people and we’re not talking about movies based on real events. We’re talking about cartoons, comedies, animations. 





Kramer (Seinfeld) is one beloved weird character and he’s always welcome to burst into our room. Cosmo Kramer never had a real job, tried to make money from impossible schemes and played in a show where a woman died after licking too many wedding invitations. He must be fictional, right?

Well, real-life Kramer is Larry David’s (Seinfeld co-creator) neighbor. His name in Kenny Kramerand, he likes to smoke, play golf and make money in ridiculous ways.

Popeye, the classic cartoon character looks just like a tattooed crazy old man harassing Olive, smoking and eating spinach (or that was just a censored way to say he was smoking funny things).

Popeye's creator, E.C. Segar, apparently based several of his characters on real people from his hometown of Chester, Illinois. Popeye himself was a local tough guy called Frank "Rocky" Fiegel.

He may not have been as supernaturally strong as his cartoon counterpart, but he made up for it by being twice as ugly. The Popeye cartoon is drawn on his headstone.

Betty Boop is one of the earliest sex symbols in pop culture but to us it looks like a baby’s head with a woman’s body. Betty was defined by her innocent sexiness, squeaky singing voice, and liberal use of made-up words ending in "oop."

Betty was created as a parody of Helen Kane, a popular actress and singer from the '20s who pretty much invented the whole "I'm a sexy baby" persona. She not only looked and sounded exactly like Betty, but her catchphrase was "Boop-oop-a-doop."

Tintin (The Adventures of Tintin) is one of the most popular comic book in the world even if it looks like a bad drawing from a French school manual. Tintin is just a kid who is somehow allowed to travel from country to country unsupervised, living through fantastic adventures and from time to time saying something racist.

Palle Huld, a boy scout from Denmark, had to circumnavigate the world in 44 days completely unaccompanied and without stepping on a plane as part of a competition organized by a Danish newspaper.

Huld insisted until the end of his days that Tintin was him ... despite having never read the comic but actually lived it.

So, next time you see a new character and you ask “what the hell was the writer thinking” remember that he might be a real person. Or don’t do that. It becomes weird after that.


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