BATMAN - the good guy is not that good. See Batman’s bum trip

On 05 March 2013

BATMAN - the good guy is not that good. See Batman’s bum trip

Everyone knows about the death of Damien and even grandparents are shocked (I will never understand why) but enough with Robin and Batman’s sufferance.

Yes, he is a genius, he’s rich and alone (Alfred doesn't count), he’s cold but kind, he’s a hero and all that stuff. Now let’s look closer! If you can’t see it, I will prove his lack of wisdom and, most of all, logic when recruiting allies. 

First of all, Jason Todd, the second Robin (after Dick Grayson) is a street kid who steals the tires of the Batmobile. You would say it’s ok by now. It’s way far from being ok or even logic since the Batmobile has a jet engine and machine guns and we know IT FLYES!. But that doesn't prove that Batman is out of his mind, it’s just the writers point of view. Batman goes all CSI when he sees the car without tires and confronts the kid like a real hero. 

Originally, Batman has Jason placed into an orphanage but in the reboot of the storyline, Alfred finds Jason tied to a chair in the Batcave. The only thing that was missing was Batman on a TV screen saying “I want to play a game”. 

Meanwhile, in All Star Batman and Robin, Dick Grayson is kidnapped by corrupted cops and is rescued by Batman. By rescue, Wayne understood: take the kid to the cave, trap him inside and force him to team up with the rats. Anyway, Batman finds a way to protect Robin: throwing a domino mask on a 12 year-old kid and sending him to fight with his biggest enemy, Joker. What was the Child Protection doing? Playing tic-tac-toe?

How Robin knew he was Robin and got the job? Batman congratulated him by grabbing his throat and telling him that he just got the job he never applied for. 

After he got bored with Robin he asked Harvey Dent aka Two-Face, a brain-damaged mass murderer to be Batman (Say what??). Anyway, he accepts, he gets a new face and wants to live away from the influence of crime, but wait! Batman throws him directly into the underworld “because  that’s where he belongs”.  Man, chillout, have a beer, smoke a cigar, just relax. 

Finally, his last “genius” decision is when he asks one of his archenemies to help him patrol Gotham city.  I guess Justice League ‘s members were way out of his league. 

Now, with Robin dead, what smart decision will Batman take? He can’t be alone, maybe this time he will slap the Parkinson out of Alfred and will make him “AlBin”. No, just kidding. We know Red Robin will come next. 


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