Record-breaking Bid For A Perfect Copy Of Actions Comic No 1 On eBay

On 26 August 2014


Can you imagine living in a world without Superman? How different do you think your childhood would have been, and for that matter, your adulthood since there are so many Superman movies nowadays? Probably that’s the reason why a copy of Actions Comics No 1, the book that essentially launched the entire superhero industry in 1938 by featuring Superman's debut, received a bid of nearly $2.2 million ($2.194 mil to be more precise) on an eBay auction.

However, the owner Darren Adams says he is pretty disappointed with the bid and was hoping to go above $3 million, taking in consideration the high quality of the book and the fact that he has also paid a seven-figure amount for it a few years ago. The Certified Guaranty Company has graded this copy to a 9.0, which is an amazing thing considering that only seven other copies out of the few dozen unrestored copies of Action Comic No.1 qualify for a grade above 6.0.

Mr. Adams copy of Action Comic No.1 also has a nice story behind its incredible quality. Apparently it was bought new by a man who kept it in a cedar chest at high altitude in the mountains of West Virginia. After the man died, a collector saw how well the book looked and decided to also construct a cedar chest and store it in. As a collector, Mr. Adams is used to traveling the country searching for collectables, but he won’t forget the first time he saw this book: “The cover was so bright and vivid. The corners were real sharp. I was very surprised. Then I saw the interior of the book, and I was blown away by the depth of the color and the suppleness of the page”.

UPDATE (27.08): It's a fact! A perfect copy of Action Comic No.1 has broken the record price for a comic after it was sold for $3,207,852 on Sunday on eBay. Forty-eight people placed bids on it during the auction, but the winner was New York’s Metropolis Comics and Collectibles, according to a photo posted on Instagram on Monday.

Stephen Fishler, owner of Metropolis, pointed out that the price he paid for it is unbelievable compared to it's initial price of 10 cents in June 1938. But, according to a statement he gave AP, "it is Superman. That’s an iconic thing. It’s the first time anybody saw what a superhero was like.

Source: via eBay

photo source: via eBay


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