Six Super-Girls To Fight The Bad Guys In X-MEN #1

On 29 May 2013

Six Super-Girls To Fight The Bad Guys In X-MEN #1

Marvel Comics gathers all superhero females to fight the bad guys in the first issue of “X-Men”. 

“Some people expect it to be full of things like shopping and conversations about hair,” says series writer Brian Wood. “I can’t wait for the book to come out and for readers to see it’s not some gimmicky joke book where they talk about their periods.”

Storm, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Rachel Grey and Jubilee are set to do some justice in the all-action comic book. “At its core, it’s an action adventure book. It’s something that any existing fan of superheroes can’t help but be drawn in by,” says Wood. “But at the same time it’s designed to be new-reader friendly.”

The story comes for both men and women having action mixed with drama (they are girls after all). It stars with Jubilee returning to X-Men to fight John Subline – a longtime Marvel villain. This is the first time when X-Men is all-women cast  and it is not male-dominated. 

“Women have always read and created comic books, it’s just becoming more visible these days because everyone has their own blog, everyone is on Twitter and Facebook talking about what they love,” says Jill Pantozzi for

Females are rising in the comic book world as many women writers begun to show their talents in important features. Kelly Sue DeConnick (“Captain Marvel”), Marjorie Liu (“Astonishing X-Men”) and Gail Simone (“Batgirl”); artists Nicola Scott (“Teen Titans”) and Amanda Conner (“Before Watchmen”) are just few of the best writers. 

“I've long said to get women to read your comic, you don’t need to write a story that women want to read,” says Schaefer. “You just need to not have a sign on it that says, ‘No women allowed.’ ”

Storm is the team leader fighting bad guys with amazing weather control skills. Psylocke has “psychic knives” and other weapons to cut deep into the enemy. Kitty Pryde moves through solid objects in a tight black and yellow bodysuit. Rachel Grey – Cyclopsis and Jean Grey’s daughter goes telepathic while Rogue absorbs others’ abilities gaining super strength. 

Jubilee is Wolverine’s protegee who can explode anything with one move. 



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