Top 10 Funniest Moments In Supernatural

On 02 December 2014

Top 10 Funniest Moments In Supernatural

Supernatural fans already know that the show it’s not a comedy TV series; Fighting demons, witches, werewolves, vampires, ghosts or who knows what other monsters can be a handful, but making us laugh along the way is what makes everything better. Whether it’s a cliché taken to the next level, a smart line told at the right time or some brother-to-brother teasing, Jensen Ackles and Jared Pedalecki have a certain charisma when it comes to creating a funny situation. Not to mention Mark Sheppard (Crowley) and Misha Collins (Castiel) who are two amazing actors with a distinct sense of humor. That being told, here are some of the funniest moments in Supernatural so far:

10) Sam and Dean take care of a baby. In Season 6 episode 2, suggestively called “Two and a Half Men”, Sam and Dean end up taking care of a baby while working on a case. Needless to say the entire episode is full of funny scenes, as neither of the two is cut out to be a daddy. Lacking any paternal instincts they refer to the baby boy as “it” or “that thing” in a desperate attempt to make “it” stop crying. The diaper changing is a whole new story for Dean: “This is like defusing an AED with poop”. But in the end you have to hand it to them: excellent work guys.

9) Suicidal Teddy Bear: Probably one of the most strangest cases in Supernatural, in Season 4 episode 8 called “Wishful Thinking” Sam and Dean face a suicidal Teddy Bear. How is that possible? How is everything possible? A little girl made a wish for her Teddy Bear to come to life, be her best friend and “join her tea parties”. The boys decide not to kill the fluffy Teddy Bear, because they don’t want to have a “giant, flaming, pissed-off teddy” on their hands. But the life his owner Audrey can offer is too little for Teddy and decides to take his own life, leaving a suicidal note “Life is meaningless. Signed - T. Bear”. But shooting himself in the head doesn’t work … “Whyyyyyy?” he desperately screams. We must admit, a depressed Teddy Bear is sort of funny…

8) Dracula returns! The symbol of old classic horror movies, “Dracula” makes a memorable appearance in Season 4 episode 5, “Monster Movie”. Clearly dangerous and set to kill, this new version of Dracula is hilarious as he runs away after attacking Dean and the girl on a moped!!! And just like in the old movies, as he was about to kill Dean he’s interrupted by a knock in the door. Who could it be? Pizza boy!! Did you ever think you’ll see the oldest vampire of all times ordering a pizza and paying with a coupon? Well, some things are too irresistible even for bloodthirsty creatures.

7) Ghostfacers: Even though it’s hard to decide which one are the funniest scenes in episode 13 from Season 3, I think we all agree this is a memorable episode. Sam and Dean get trapped in a haunted house with a crew of newbies looking for some real-life ghosts and end up being a part of a reality show called “Ghostfacers”. One of the funny moments in this episode was when Dean told one of the guys “There's a box of salt in my duffel. Make a circle and get inside” ; Ed: “Get inside your duffel?”; Dean: “The salt, you idiots!” Good times.

6) Castiel discovers the pleasures of being human. In season 9 episode 3 “I’m no angel”, Castiel, being human after losing his angel grace, caves to the human pleasures and makes love to April. Even though this may be bizarre enough, the funny part is when he tells Sam and Dead that his time with April was “very educational”. After bursting out laughing, Dean asked him if he had protection and with an incredible serious attitude, Castiel confidently says that he “had his angel blade”!

5) Dean and Cass work on a case together. Episode 3 in Season 5 if full of funny moments as it shows us more of Castiel’s rock solid personality. Castiel impersonates an FBI agent in the attempt to find an Angel, but his methods are not the best. He wants to tell the truth to the police officer, and is startled when Dean tells him to lie in order to get what they want. However, the hilarious situation occurs when Dean decides to take Cass to a whorehouse to lose his virginity. His reactions are priceless, especially when he tells the girl “it’s not her fault her father left”. This is definitely an episode worth watching again.

4) Dean goes to a mental illness hospital. Episode 11 in Season 5 called “Sam Interrupted” shows once again how far the boys are willing to go to solve a case. They pretend to be patients at a mental hospital and when the nurse catches them in the morgue Dean pulls down his pants, lifts his arms up and shouts “Pudding”! Apparently, “Crazy works”!

3) Opening Credits. Even though the entire Episode 8 from Season 5 was pretty much a mock-up episode, probably the part that everyone remembers was when we got to see how the opening credits would look like in a sitcom version. Seeing them riding little mopeds and a tandem bike, playing football or accidentally scarring each other is beyond describing it in words…because we’re laughing too hard! Thank you Supernatural for this!

2) Bad-Luck Sam. Episode 3 in Season 3 puts Sam in all sort of situations…mostly bad luck ones. Even though he enjoys an incredible luck while he is in possession of a cursed mystical rabbit-foot, when he loses it, things get interesting. Nothing but bad (funny) things happen to him, from tripping, falling, setting himself on fire, to the absolute cherry on top of the cake: his face when losing his shoe in a sewer drain: “I lost my shoe …”

1) Little Screaming Girl Dean. In my opinion, the funniest scene I’ve ever seen in Supernatural: Dean screaming like a little girl in Episode 6 Season 4, “Yellow Fever”. Pretty tough and courageous by nature, Dean gets a ghost sickness which makes him extremely scared, of literally everything. As funny as this sounds, the sickness eventually makes you so scared that you die of heart attack, probably caused by a phone ringing. Anyway, the funniest moment when the two brothers were investigating an abandoned warehouse, and, as Sam opens the door to one of the lockers, a little kitty jumps out and Dean starts screaming like there’s no tomorrow. “That was scary!” … he says. No, it wasn’t, but it was damn right funny!


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