TOP 5 MARVEL HEROES Who Should Have Their Own Movie

On 08 May 2013


This summer theaters are full of superhero movies and comic book adaptations but they seem to be the same as previous years. Iron Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Avengers, Ant-Man are just few of them featured in this year’s movies but there are plenty of good superheroes who could make some great screenings.

Every year we get to see 2 or three Marvel movies and all of them look the same. We already know what Superman can do; we know that no matter what villain or disaster he might face he won’t die too soon but how about Captain Marvel, Cyclops, Hawkeye, Deadpol, Venom or Moon Knight?

1. Captain Marvel is a spy who has been sent to Earth to follow the humankind and report back on his planet. He began to understand the humans and has decided to help us. He was then banned by his fellows.

The movie would have some great space effects and intriguing plot. The best villain for him is Nitro – he can explode his body and then put himself together. He would make some amazing visuals.

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2. From the X-Men team, Wolverine is the most famous one but Cyclops deserves some gratitude for what he has done for Marvel. He is totally different from the big bad mutant wolf Wolverine; he is a leader with very good self control.

There were some rumors about bringing him to the big screen but Wolverine stroke again. In the recent story, Cyclops kills Professor X and this could make a great focus for a movie. James Marsden almost made a movie but with a different plot.

Cyclops was supposed to be a mercenary who has fought alongside and against just about every Marvel group and that seemed so fun. Ryan Reynolds was set to play him but the project is on hold for many years now.

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3. Hawkeye is still a fan favorite. He can create his own power and his gears will look stunning in a movie.

The beginning story arc where he assists the Black Widow in attempting to defeat Iron Man will make a very good plot as a back-story and Marvel can also tie the characters that are already cast.

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4. There’s no better anti-hero than Deadpol. He is a great comic book character and will do an even better Tony Stark on screen since he has the jokes, is relaxed and has a well earned arrogance. He is an expert with his swords, and isn't afraid to use guns along with his super reflexes when it comes to combat. There is a Deadpol game, a scripted novel, a comic book so why not a movie?

5. Venom could be more like a thriller/horror/superhero movie and that would be a first for Marvel. The film has been rumored for a long time and it was said that Josh Trank will direct it with “The Amazing Spider-Man” tie in.

You can’t do a movie with Spider-Man and not call him “Spider Man … Something”. This why Venom needs his stand-alone script, with a different take and detach from that universe.

So, in conclusion, Marvel needs to gather his writers and bring something new for the fans.


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