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We don’t even know when or by who April’s Day was invented but, honestly, we don’t really care. It’s a great day that makes a great excuse to make fun of other people and to annoy them as hard as you can.

This is a great concept, let’s face it. No matter how afraid you are of this day because you know there’s someone out there who has a plan for you, there’s also some joy left knowing that you can scare the hell out of someone. 

Since there’s no good prank without some screaming, crying or just having a heart attack, we show you five most gone wrong pranks of all time. 

1. On April 1, 1998, the Babil newspaper (owned by Saddam's brutal son Uday) quoted President Bill Clinton in a front page story, saying the U.S. had decided to lift sanctions against Iraq.

Fore some Iraqis living under strict sanctions, this was actually lifesaving news. There were tears of joy until they read the article.

"April Fools'! It is the beginning of spring. Many happy returns!" Ha! You starving kids just got Uday'd!

On April 1, 1999, the paper's fake headline stated that monthly food rations would now include bananas, Pepsi, and chocolate.

How cruel can you be??? That’s not just a prank, that’s making hopes, dreams come true and then BAM! You will starve but now you can think of chocolate and Pepsi while starving. 

Captain Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdula Aziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheikh banned April Fools' Day altogether in 2001 for some strange reason.

In March of 2003, Iraq was invaded by a coalition of forces led by the U.S. and UK. As thousands of American-led coalition troops stormed across Iraq, the Iraqi Ambassador to Russia, Abbas Khalaf Kunfuth, held a press conference. It was expected he would announce that Iraq conceded defeat.

Instead he held up a piece of paper that he identified as a news flash from Reuters and read, "The Americans have accidentally fired a nuclear missile into British forces, killing seven ..." and then stopped realizing how horrifying it was. 

2. In 2000, on April Fools' Day of that year, the Romanian edition of Playboy published an article giving their readers some handy tips on how to beat their wives senseless, a piece easily identified by its title: "How to Beat Your Wife without Leaving Prints." 

Men were advised to grab them by the hair to make sure they couldn't get away, and then hit them with a variety of items including sticks, washing machine belts, and kitchen knives. And that’s not all.

Like the idea wasn't weird enough, to make it even more genius, the tips were provided by an ex-policeman. Meanwhile, men who showed hesitation at the thought of beating their women  were told to take up knitting, apparently because they aren't cut out for being a real man.

This supposed to be a satire (I, for one, am very amused about this – but It’s wrong, I know). For Russians that would have been a best seller. 

However, one of the Editors responsible for the piece tried to defend it by saying that the tips wouldn't have worked anyway.

He should know better that beating a woman with a kitchen knife doesn't work and it leaves prints too. April Fool!!!

3. The fake-your-death classic prank went wrong. Cops don’t celebrate April Fools. Know why? Because saying that was a April Fool’s joke is not a valid defense in court.

So, it was April of 2004 and a guy named Randy Wood from rural New York decided he would play a prank on his ex-wife. He rigged up a harness in a tree in his front yard, with a fake noose, to make it look like he had hanged himself.

He calls her then he climbs the tree and manages to get himself into his fake suicide setup without actually murdering himself in the process.

It was about his ex-wife. It’s not like she would have run and hugged him and begged him to live. Anyway, she called 911 and they came with fire trucks, cops, ambulances and everything. Faking an accident is punishable by a $1,00 fine and a year in jail. 

4. Israeli Intelligence Officer Commits Prank, Near-Act of War

1986, an Israeli intelligence officer decided to spice up his April 1st work shift by creating a report stating that the Lebanese Shia leader Nabih Berri had been seriously wounded in an assassination attempt.

It's that old "assassination of a Muslim political leader" classic! And made even better by the fact that Israel and Lebanon were (and still technically are) at war.

The report was sent out to Israeli government officials, and, upon hearing the news, the Defense Minister burst into a parliamentary meeting to announce the attack.

Even worse, the report was sent out to the state-run radio station, who reported it to the masses for most of the morning. This meant the report was also being broadcast to Muslim supporters of Berri in the area, who were already distrustful of Israel on account of the whole "war" thing. 

And what of the analyst who set this off? Well, after having to watch his boss (the aforementioned Defense Minister) chop his way through an apology to the exact same parliamentary meeting he interrupted earlier, he was thrown in prison for 35 days.

5. On June 20, 1977, Anglia TV in England broadcast a documentary titled "Alternative 3" as part of a regular, not-fake series called "Science Report."

The announcer explained the documentary had started as a piece about British scientists leaving the country to find better jobs.

In the course of the investigation they had realized scientists weren't just disappearing from Britain, they were dying mysteriously -- especially physicists, engineers, and astronomers. 

The documentary producers then said that they had not only uncovered evidence of an unknown space program, but that these scientists were leaving the earth.

They claimed to have uncovered evidence of a conspiracy between world governments that was unfolding in a three-stage plan to deal with impending environmental disaster: curb population, house government officials underground until the impending disaster had passed and send humanity's brightest minds to a secret Noah's Ark colony on Mars.

The documentary filmmakers had discovered that "Alternative Three" was a reality!

It's impossible to know how many people took the show as real versus how many were confused but Anglia TV was flooded with calls from people who thought it was, and large parts of the Internet still do. 

And all of this is because their wacky April Fools' hoax got delayed by a strike that required them to air it more than two months after the holiday.

So, people, think twice before going all-in on April Fool’s day!




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