TV's 10 Hottest Men in Suits

On 21 January 2015

TV's 10 Hottest Men in Suits

What can be sexier than a man in suit? Even if we talk about a lawyer, a writer, or a secret agent, they all look so damn good in suits. Check out the 10 hottest men in suits:

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter on Suits

He's not just one of the best legal closers in New York City, but one of the best dressed. And his clothes fit perfect his arrogant, but sexy attitude. As Harvey would say "I don't have dreams, I have goals".

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric on True Blood

We've seen him shirtless and he looks fantastic. But even when he's fully clothed, and particulary in a natty suit, he exudes sex, power and danger.

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey on White Collar

"Sometimes it's good to be a little bad." This con man/art thief is really, really hot in suit. His outfits highlight his playful and charming personality, making the women crazy about him.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper on Mad Men

The '60s ad man revived an interest in the classic two-button suit. He wears extremly well-fitted clothing with great confidence and stands out in a crowd without ever pressing the limits of acceptable workplace attire.

Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle on Castle

The mystery writer has a taste for the finest things, and his expensive suits are one of the things that make him stand out when he's rubbing elbows with the NYPD.

Columbus Short as Harrison Wright on Scandal

When it comes to wearing suits, Harrison Wright does it the best. His looks are memorable because you can tell that he truly cares to keep up with fashion. As a gladiator in suit, Harrison knows that nothing complete his look like a sexy patterned tie can.

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney on How I Met Your Mother

Suit Up! is a phrase regularly spoken by Barney Stinson. It refers to his policy of wearing a suit for almost every occasion. Of course it's representative for Barney and he made our list. He looks really good!

Simon Baker as Patrick Jane on The Mentalist

It doesn't take Jane's keen observational skills to see he is always impeccably dressed. The clothes fits him perfectly and he looks incredible sexy!

John Slattery as Roger Sterling on Mad Men

Even if everybody is crazy about Don, we have to admit that Sterling has a classy and elegant look. The way he dresses makes him look like a true gentleman.

Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen on Burn Notice

For Michael Westen, it's the shades that make the ensemble. But with or without them he floors us with his ability to skirt trouble and save the day. All of this while he keeps his linen suits wrinkle-free.


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