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We've talked about comic books and horror movie villains but now it’s time to see the cartoon villains. You will say there’s no such thing but, in fact, there is no cartoon without a villain. Even Tom&Jerry have a villain.

You've been annoyed all your childhood by some evil character. It’s time to find out who was the villain in your favorite cartoon and who was the best of all.


Number 5 in our top is Bluto. No, not Pluto the cute dog but Bluto the evil fat bearded guy from “Popeye”. He wants to take Olive and work his magic with her. He is very powerful but he gets beaten every time by Popeye right after he eats his spinach. Actually, Bluto and Popeye were very good friends and Navy buddies but things changed when Bluto tried to steal Popeye’s girl.

Number four is Dishonest John, the villain from Beany and Cecil cartoons. His “Nye ha, ha!” catch phrase is known by many of us. Most of the times Cecil finds out his schemes but he manages to appear in his mechanical squid “Billi” to trick Beany and Cecil again. Dishonest John was the inspiration for the AC/DC song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”.

Who doesn’t know the elegant yet ugly and mean Cruella de Vil? Most of us wanted to shove her clothes up her throat. She is No 3 in our top because after all she’s just a dumb fashion addicted old lady. She is trying to catch the Dalmatians just to make herself a fur coat. How cruel can you be? Cruella’s name is a play on the words cruel and devil, an allusion which is emphasized by having her country house nicknamed “Hell Hall”.

Number 2 is one of the dumbest cartoon characters ever. Wile E. Coyote is never out of exploding supplies to use on Roadrunner but every time he manages to use them against himself. Sometimes we felt pity for Coyote as he was skinny, unfed and alone in the desert so his only chance to survive was eating Roadrunner.

Even so, he survived multiple injuries like explosions and giant rocks or falling from a cliff so starving is not a death option. I prayed often to catch that speedy bird and get it over with but then I realized: he was the bad guy! Oh, bummer!

No 1 is Shredder – Teenade Mutant Ninja Turtles – a villainous ninjutsu master called Oroku Saki. He is the leader of the Foot Clan, wears blade covered metal plaques on his shoulders and a…robe. He was finally finished off by Leonardo. Even Splinter admitted that Shredder is the most dangerous adversary he ever faced. This time, he is an intelligent villain but has an incompetent ninja team.

We remembered the most annoying cartoon characters and we enjoyed it. Of course there are so many more like Mojo Jojo from Power Puff Girls (or Him), Kats – Courage the Cowardly Dog, Elmer Fudd – Looney Tunes or Mandark – Dexter’s Laboratory but this is a Cartoon Network list of villains that it’s going to be presented in a related article.


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